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Welcome to MGi Systems

MGi Systems was founded in 2015 by Michael Reis and Gene Frechette, each operating their own separate AV Technology companies until a local AV business came up for sale. This purchase formed a new company MGi Systems. Affectionately named Mike & Gene’s Integrated Systems.

This existing AV business purchase allowed us to take the next steps in building a larger company that could service it’s clients effectively. The heart of what we do lies in Mike and Gene’s relationships with the clients and builders. AV Home Technology brings us far and wide, from Boston to Cape and Islands.

How are we different? We are very hands on and prefer to take the personal approach. The best system is one that is built and designed around you, your lifestyle and needs. We take extra care to examine each project with its specific needs. Meetings with clients, designers, builders, electricians, the list goes on and on, the end result a perfectly executed design, installation and finished product. It takes hard work and focus.

In January 2020, we opened our brand new office and showroom. The office showroom is by appointment only, contact us so we can demonstrate how a Control4 Smart Home can enhance your lifestyle.

Team Members

Mike typically handles sales and project estimation, while Gene handles project management and company operations. We employ 4 full time Technicians. We are a tight knit group. Together we are all here to service you.

Contact us today to begin the conversation. We are always around.  Call (617) 279-0678.

  • Building a Home. When Do I Need a Technology Integrator? Early

During a construction project we are typically brought in after the electricians have run their wiring. This prevents our cabling from being near any high voltage wiring and the interference associated with.

  • What Is the Process Like?

We are a full service company, meaning we can handle every aspect of your technology system project. Design. Site meetings. Installation. Continued support and Service.
Generally the process involves the following:

  1. Client meeting to discuss wants/needs
  2. System design and estimation with a formal proposal
  3. Sale and installation of all equipment
  4. A 1-on-1 scheduled client demonstration and education of system
  5. Continuing support with system software updates
  • No Job Too Big or Too Small.

We are asked routinely by clients, This project might be too small?

Our business was built on small projects and service. Taking care of our clients is always our first priority. We rely on our client base to operate, our focus is on you.

A job worth doing, is a job worth doing well. Only make a commitment if you’re prepared to do it wholeheartedly. We are prepared, reach out anytime

Talk about 24/7 personal service!!!! I have moved 3 or 4 times in the last 3-4 years and could not have done it without Gene and his Team at MGI. It is like having your own Hi Tech butler which, as a high-tech novice, I am definitely in need of having. The best personalized service and business with which I have had the pleasure to work. Incomparable expertise, workmanship and dedication. Thank you MGI!!!